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Designs By Rain believes that every single business should be making the most of their brand. Customers buy from you but they also look to your brand. The more your brand is out in the media, the stronger the awareness and loyalty that your brand seems and the more customers will want your products or services. And that’s where you can benefit from Designs By Rain.  We help businesses, large and small, to maximize their brands.

Your brand is priceless!! Do you maximize its value?


The love collection graphics all about love. Love in all things by Rain Renard


What do people see? With your logo, business card and advertising, what is the first impression of your business?

First impressions are hard to change. Designs By Rain can help you stand out from the crowd using graphic designs with your vision first and foremost. High quality graphic designs and a full attention to detail would make us a good fit to support and become your marketing department. With Designs By Rain your brand will work much harder for you.

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